Day 2- Living like Jesus

Today I face the next challenge: to fit this daily discipline into my life on a working day… I’m going to try and do the readings during the day rather than last thing at night, but i’m sure there will come occasions where i’m posting at 11.59pm…

Philippians 2.1-11 is today’s reading- from Paul to the Christians in the Roman colony… usually those colonies had a bunch of ex-soldiers who got land grants and citizenship as a pension so thats why Paul’s comments on responsibilities later in the letter are so appropriate, but todays passage comes earlier- its that bit about imitating Christ as a servant, being humble and obedient.

Today i’ve been thinking about how we are aware of God in our work, and how we demonstrate our faith in our work- especially for the millions of people who’s working days don’t include ‘prayer morning’ or ‘mission week’ as a legitimate part of their routine.

Humility- its not the same as doormat. Obedience isn’t the equivalent of brainless, and i think we need to be reminded of that, at the same time as remembering that following Jesus isn’t a licence for bolshiness.  It says in the passage that followers of Christ should do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit- that speaks to our motivation for what we do: why we do things as well as what we do… the apparently casual conversation in the hallway that just happens to be within earshot of our manager- we all do it, or the equivalent (question to self: is a public blog about trying to be a follower of Jesus conceited or not? does asking yourself the question, and then blogging it, help?).

Ultimately, the point i took from this passage today was to encourage others (consider others, look to the interests of others) and to do it irrespective of who’s watching or what reward i might gain.

English: Icon of Jesus Christ
English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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