Day 3- Its all about him

It seems trite and a bit cheesy to point it out, but our culture is all about image- how i portray myself (given i’ve just spent 20 minutes attempting to tweak or ‘customize’ this blog I’m not immune to this!), how we see other people, value being linked to visibility etc…

The passage i’m reading today (Paul’s letter to the Colossians, chap 1 verses 15-22) is some kind of a corrective- as you read it you’re reminded that its all about him- Jesus: God in human form who is also the sustaining power behind the universe.  The passage is chock full of different images (the reflection i just read likened it to a can of concentrated Gospel- almost too strong to handle), but it contains some important basics:

Its all about him, not me.

Its that simple.

If Jesus is at the centre of our faith, and is the key to the possibility of restored relationship with God, then we need to let that sink in, and then we need to let it affect our lives today.

Today’s thought- how do i let my faith, and the questions it raises, impact on what i’m doing right now?


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