Day 4- Who’s that big guy?

In the midst of a busy week, part way through a busy day, i’m looking at the question of ‘what is God like?’  I asked the folks who i meet with to pray and break bread how they would answer the question, and something struck me- one lady said God is like a father while another said God is patient.  Now, i try to be patient, and I love my dad, but from my own experience of life i wouldn’t always say that the two words ‘patient’ and ‘fatherlike’ are synonymous. Hardworking, supportive, dependable- yes, yes and yes… but not always patient.  It reminded me of the idea that God is the original on which humans are based- we bear his image but we’re not him.

The idea from Hebrews 1.1-4 is that God is like Jesus, in a way that we can say is exact: Jesus was not just a copy of God, but was God… his characteristics weren’t attempts that give an indication of Gods, they actually were the same.  So when we ask what God is like, the answer is- just like Jesus… he stops what he’s doing to have compassion on the hungry, he gets mad when people who should know better are being dingbats, he acts for the weak and the helpless more than for the powerful (note- i changed it from ‘cares’ to ‘acts’- God cares for the rich and powerful, but is more likely to tell them to help others than to help them!).

For the rest of today, and as the week continues, my twin prayers are that i’ll know God more, and that i’ll communicate that to others.


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