Day 5- the bigger picture

Today’s passage from the Bible is one of my favourites, even though it comes from a small book near the end which is a pig to find (i keep a bookmark there to help me). Its a passage from 1 Peter- chapter 2 verses 4-10.  I love it because it speaks of the church as a living building with us as the stones and Jesus as the foundation, which is an image which is both incredibly helpful in reminding us of our place within the bigger picture, and it also directly challenges the bricks’n’mortar trap that we can easily fall into: the church is only a building is we’re the stones. 

I also love it because of the richness of the whole passage- its got stuff about our purpose and our eventual destiny, its good images that remind us we’ve been saved and remind us we’re saved for a purpose, and it reminds me of how i nearly managed to get myself blackballed before i was accepted into vicar school… the whole ‘priesthood of all believers’ shebang apparently doesn’t go down too well in some places- oops!

For today, however, i’m reminded that the bigger picture is made up of many smaller pictures- like the kind of things where loads of tiny pictures are used to make a big picture… which one you see depends on your perspective. Well, each of those little images is in itself a picture, and needs to be valued as such: a conversation with someone is exactly that: a conversation between two people that is of significance in their real lives- not a statistic or an anecdote.  Meetings, chats over coffee, small groups- they make up the big picture but they are also each of them significant in themselves.

In the melee of life, I need to hold onto both of those perspectives.


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