weekend illegal post 1- this isn’t in the rules…

So, I’m writing a post for each day that I read a passage from the Essential Jesus book, and there are 5 passages for each week… that means i have the weekend to catch up, slack off or… accidentally find myself wanting to write something.

I had 2 vaguely significant thoughts, so here they are:

People are more important than posts. That means that when i have to make a choice about whether to hang out with my family, or talk to someone face to face, i’ll always go with that, because its a cert- like the bird in the hand; whereas posting here may or may not be read by anyone other than me, it may or may not have any meaning beyond exercising my fingers and possibly leading towards carpal tunnel syndrome if i don’t position my hands correctly when typing… So harsh as it may seem to my self-imposed challenge and to those of you who are reading- if it comes to the call, i’ll take the face to face encounter every time.  And you know what? I hope you would too.

The other thought was a return to the passage i looked at on Friday- from 1 Peter 2, which has the idea within it of Christians being called the people of God, and described as a royal priesthood.  I was talking this morning to some folks about how our understanding of the Holy Spirit is affected by the fact that for the last 2,000years people have shared the same knowledge that we have: the Holy Spirit is within all Christians, for their whole life. There is some disagreement about the details and how that works etc, but the basic premise is there. So? Well, until Jesus  told his followers that he’d leave the Holy Spirit with them, no one had this kind of idea- the Holy SPirit was for one person at a time, maybe one or two people in a generation- max a small group of prophets… but not for everyone, all the time. And that would have blown their minds.  And in the same way- Royal Priesthood? I don’t think so- that is the king’s role… people of God? only the people of Israel… yet Peter lays it out as being there for all Christians- its part of the deal. The problem is that as with so many things, once you get used to them, you kind of forget how amazing they are (a bit like the internet? I mean, i’m just typing some words- on an electronic type writer thats hooked up to my phoneline, and in 5 minutes anyone in the world can read them- oh, its just a blog…yawn).

Anyhow, thats my illegal thoughts for the weekend- the importance of people and how we can take the greatest things for granted if we’re not careful. So i’m going to log out now and go tell my wife she’s amazing.


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