Day 9- words I just dislike…

Looked at Isaiah 59 this morning,  which contains the word ‘iniquities’. It is one of my least favourite words, along with ‘moist’ (I always remember Stephen Fry talking about his favourite words- plinth was one of them, but don’t know whether he had least favourites…).

Why do i dislike ‘iniquity’ so much? I think its partly because it is quite vague but menacing- its like sin but less clear and certainly even less well understood by many people. Is it because i don’t like to think of myself as being connected to it? maybe, but its at least partly because i don’t think other people get what it means, and because it gets in the way of people understanding God.

When i read the passage that is todays Essential Jesus passage- Isaiah 59, i understood what was being said, because the situation is described in a number of ways- relating to how people behave, using a couple of different metaphors, in abstract concepts and in concrete examples… Isaiah does a good job here. But so often we just use a word like ‘iniquity’ or sin, or wickedness (depending on which prayer book you’re using) and assume everyone gets it. We don’t like to dwell on it for fear of causing offence, and also because its actually only a small aspect of the Christian faith- acknowledging that our lives are far from perfect and that our hearts aren’t pure is a stepping stone towards asking for help and receiving healing- that next stepping stone of asking and receiving is so much more important…

so today i’m going to try and communicate in ways that are clear, that express what i’m really about, and to try and ensure that i listen to others. Sounds easy while i’m sat here at my desk, lets see how it survives tea, bedtime, badminton with the lads and a trip to the pub…


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