Day 10- slightly belated, but still trying

So technically this isn’t being posted on Friday, but as I haven’t gone to bed yet its not yet Saturday as far as my body is concerned… (none of which has anything to do with the subject of today’s reading or what i was going to write but is proof that its late)

Amos- one of the ‘lesser prophets’ (which either means its a short book or extremely angry- Amos is both).  Its a book about God’s anger at self-righteous societies and those who’s piety exceeds their compassion. 

Its also a book that gives the lie to ideas that ‘God isn’t keen on sin’ or ‘none of us are perfect- in God’s eyes thats ok’… it would appear that God is REALLY not keen on sin etc- particularly when it comes to folk who should know better or are claiming to have a clue about how to follow God.  Hypocrisy is a seriously bad idea (BTW- in the New Testament hypocrisy and lying are talked about in the same terms as witchcraft, and i don’t think Paul was saying that witchcraft is no worse than a little white lie).

But the thought i had as i read todays passage (Amos chapter 5) wasn’t about how God hates worship that doesn’t encompass compassion or justice for the poor, it was more about the word ‘seek’- Seeking good, seeking God as the route to life and the way to please God in how we connect with Him- its not so much the form of what we do, but the intention.

To use another set of images- its not how far we are from God that is important, its whether we’re trying to turn towards God or away from Him.

In all i do this weekend, my hope and prayer is that i can try to seek God, and through seeking Him i’ll also seek good.


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