Day 11- pass the passover please

So, a bit random you may think that I’m blogging about Passover the day after Pentecost (BTW- happy Pentecost everyone, had a great day and weekend here- someone i prayed with was healed, another guy I know became a Christian and we had 500+ people from loads of different churches joining together for a celebration in the town centre…anyway).

Thinking about Passover because today’s reading is from Exodus 12- the original Passover that comes as the finale of the 10 plagues.  The theme for the week’s readings is ‘trailers of a saviour’- looking at images in the Old Testament that were understood by the first Christians to point towards Jesus… so today looking at the whole ‘lamb of God’ image and ‘blood given for others’ idea.

I’m not keen on blood sacrifices (to put it mildly), but it is a very obvious way of demonstrating that sacrifice means giving something up- often today we talk of the sacrifices people make- their career for their family as a big one, and its often with a hint of resentment or self-pity… If someone is happy to give something up, can we call it a sacrifice? 

I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud regarding this because although i chose to walk away from various careers and job options years ago, and ‘sacrificed’ money etc, all to follow God and serve Him, i ended up loving my job and then when i moved on to another role, as a vicar-type thing, I once again have ended up doing things i love, working with great people, having fun working for God… should i be finding a way to make this painful, or should i give thanks to God that something i was willing to give as a sacrifice has become a joy?

Jesus certainly did suffer, but his life on earth wasn’t spent in misery… and after his sacrifice of himself, God lifted him up- his blood wasn’t spilt in vain on the hill outside Jerusalem, and his sacrifice was once, and it was for all.


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