Day 14- late but not too late…

I know, you’ve been sitting there waiting for this… or maybe not. I certainly haven’t spent all day pondering over what to write, i’m afraid.

The passage of the Bible i’ve been looking at today comes from the first book of Kings, chapter 8- its the bit where the ark of the covenant is finally carried into the temple in Jerusalem.  In the passage it talks about how this is a sign that God will be present in this place among his people- God is here.

And then, almost 1000 yrs later, God is present in that place- not in Spirit, or in a cloud, but walking around, kicking over the tables and clearing out the tat… in the form of Jesus, God is present.

Its a long time, 1000yrs- thats going back to before the Norman Conquest of England… but God still turned up. Maybe not when people we’re expecting him, and certainly not to do what people expected, but God showed up, and did what needed to be done. He saved the world, and he saved me.


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