Day 15- having a whale of a time…

OK, so whats the Bible passage i’m reading today? yup, of course its Jonah. trying to read the whole of this short book and, well, not really succeeding. Am i a bad person because i’m relying on my memory of this passage from the Bible? not as such, but i’m not about to shout from the roof tops that i’m Superchristian because i can remember the general outline of 4 chapters.

The overview: God says go, Jonah says no. Jonah tries to go, God says no. God says that way, Jonah says okay. Jonah says ‘say sorry’, Ninevites say ‘good golly’. Jonah’s not a fan, God says ‘its my plan’.


To me this is about narrow mindedness and mediocrity. Jonah knows God, but doesn’t believe God can forgive the people of Nineveh. Jonah realises that God has commissioned him to do something, but doesn’t really think it will happen.

I see that in myself so often- probably more the second than the first- i definitely struggle to join wholeheartedly with what God has called me to… is it British reserve or a fear of looking stupid? Whatever it is, i want rid of it. I want to love God more, trust God more, go with God more- more often, and more deeply.  I know how, i’m just scared. So here’s my prayer: God, help me to trust you enough to allow you to conquer my fears, and help me to trust you just beyond what i’m comfortable with.


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