Illegal posting number 2… trinitarian climbing

This is just a brief post- today has been an ‘off’ day from the study challenge, so there’s no passage to reflect on. Instead I was writing a piece about the Trinity- Father, Son and Spirit for tomorrow, meeting some gorgeous tiddly babies and taking some friends climbing with my kids this afternoon. Just so you don’t think i’ve been slacking…

This week is going to be interesting- i’m on holiday but at home, with visitors for some of the week, however i’m still going to try and keep this blog going; we’ll see how it works- postings may be early morning, or very late night, and possibly quite brief!

So, today’s thought? That I don’t understand God, and thats ok by me, just as i don’t understand people or myself, and thats ok too.

And by the way- Trinity: in order to climb you need a climber, something to climb on, and gravity, otherwise it just won’t work… just a thought.


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