Days 16 & 17… different criteria for success

ok, so i wanted to post something everyday, and i failed yesterday… but i did read the Bible passage (Psalm 2, if you wanted to know), and managed to think about it too.  I’m taking a week’s holiday and spending time with my family, so haven’t been using the computer much- its been a very pleasant gentle detox/fast.

Anyway, todays reading was another Psalm (22), both of which contain imagery about the messiah- more trailers or prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament- Psalm 22 is the one Jesus quoted on the cross, which also mentions people gambling for his clothes, references  to suffering by ‘piercing his hands and feet’ and the insults he suffered… which considering it was written 500yrs before the event is fairly unnerving/amazing.

Anyway, the thoughts i’ve been having are more to do with how we read and connect with the Psalms- people variously describe them as poetry or the Biblical hymnbook, but given that i don’t like much poetry and hymnbooks depress me, those images don’t work too well for me.  I’ve been listening to some of my favourite music recently, and been thinking that the Psalms are more akin to that kind of music… the themes of love, trust, anguish, loss, fear and hope… i hear those things in the songs of Blur, U2, Athlete and the Beastie Boys every day, and then i read those same things in the pages of the Psalms… i’m not putting Bono on the same level as king David, or comparing the lyrics of Damon Albarn to those of Asaph, but i will admit that they are probably as meaningful to me… am i a bad man?


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