Days 18 & 19- poetry in motion

I’ve been really enjoying the weather this week- from the rain on Monday and Tuesday to the glorious sunshine on thursday, its all been great.  Partly thats because I’m on holiday, so the rain is an excuse to get soaked and then mooch indoors, and the sun allows us to just sit down and relax outside… I’m sure if i was grafting i’d be inclined to feel grumpy about both.

Anyway, partly as a result of being on holiday I’ve been reading my Bible and reflecting on the Psalms first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and not had my PC by my side, so the amazingly signficant thoughts that i’ve had aren’t being uploaded onto the internet. I need to put my brain on the ‘cloud’, or the equivalent…

Thursdays reading was Psalm 110- the one where the writer (David) makes the enigmatic statement ‘the Lord said to my Lord’, followed up by all sorts of comments about troops, sceptres and thrones. In some ways its not a pleasant Psalm, but its important to remember this is poetry (or song- see my previous posting), and the language it uses is the expansive language of metaphor and imagery- its important to get to the emotions and concepts behind the language.  We do it really easily with music, but many of us are less comfortable doing it with poetry, and particularly with Scripture, because we don’t want to overstep the mark: its hard to know what to ‘interpret’ and what to simply ‘read and believe’ (never mind the fact that reading and believing is a form of interpretation anyway).

So, thoughts? be open to big interpretations in the Bible- treat the words as if they are true, and then try to interpret that in your life.

And on that note, I’m off to the beach to do some Biblical reflection.


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