illegal posting 3- faith in practice

In Luke’s Gospel, chapter 7 there is the account of a Roman soldier who asks Jesus to heal his servant… so far, so standard, but what is surprising is that he also sends a messenger to Jesus to say ‘you don’t need to come to my house- just say the word and it’ll happen’.  He has complete trust- he puts his faith into practice.

This afternoon I went to the beach with my family, the same beach where 3yrs ago my daughter ran from the incoming tide and where she has often refused to enter the sea. I took my surfboard expecting that the kids wouldn’t want to spend much time in the water and so i might sneak a surf in… but today my daughter decided to trust me- she put her faith in daddy into practice and we spent almost half an hour jumping over waves and yes, she did her first bodyboarding- my little girl has now surfed at Croyde. And how did i feel? Over the moon, chuffed to bits and other similar expressions.

Its possible that when we, like the Roman centurion in Luke 7, begin to put our faith into practice, and begin to trust God’s words, that we put a smile on the face of God.

This week, I want to make God smile.


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