Day 24- its all about timing

So, if you were thinking this would be a post about when its best to blog, or how to deliver gags for the best response, i’m really sorry. And yes, this probably is being posted at a bad time, but thats life.

I’ve been reflecting on the passage i read this morning, from Zechariah chapter 9 (verses 9-17), in the Essential Jesus series of Bible readings.  The passage is from a fairly obscure prophet, written after the Jewish people returned from exile- they’re rebuilding the ruins, needing some encouragement, and Zechariah comes along to say effectively ‘one day, someone is going to come and help you out’. Which is great, except that in their situation i’d be thinking that i’d rather  a mediocre bit of help right now rather than a saviour at an unknown date in the future. I’d be thinking that God’s timing is a bit off.

Today i experienced some of God’s timing… a few things ‘just happened’ to work out, alongside some ‘why won’t this work’ stuff… and the lesson for me? That the things which did work out were so much more important than those which did not. Sure, i’m looking with eyes of faith, but even were i not, i hope i’d be intelligent enough to value great conversation and chances to encourage others over printer and computer frustration.

So, tomorrow… I’ve a full diary, but i hope i will be able to keep it open to God’s amendments.


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