Day 25- speaking for God- what’s said and what’s not

This morning’s passage is another section from Zechariah- chapters 12 & 13, which is a fairly big chunk but it is best understood if looked at all together, since it consists of an ‘oracle’- something that the prophet and those who received it in the first instance considered to be ‘the word of the Lord’.

Passages of Scripture like this reveal not simply the particular truth that God is saying to a people, but also, and more significantly for us as we read them now, they reveal the character and heart of God.

So in this passage i read of how God will make Jerusalem an immovable rock that cannot be moved, and it reminds me of the unwavering and consistent nature of God as much as it reminds me of God’s particular love for his chosen people. And as i reflect on that i remember that through Christ the chosen people include all who come to God, and the kingdom of God is expanded from the geographic area surrounding Jerusalem to encompass the whole world… so this passage becomes less about God protecting the city of Jerusalem and more about God’s being on the side of the oppressed and his children- which i recognise is at odds with other ways of interpreting this same passage.

It is about the implied things- the body language and surrounding context rather than just the words themselves- when we try to hear God and find ourselves speaking for God, it really is about whats left unsaid.


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