Illegal post 4… sun worshipping & Son worshipping

So on Friday i reposted a link to a blog that i came across- confessions of a former worship leader, which made me think a lot about how i worship, and particularly how i’ve worshippped God this last year. You see, prior to that I worked in a church with a strong musical emphasis, that had good musicians and singers and put a fair amount of effort into the quality of their music, and I love singing- I love music and its really easy for me to worship God through music.  However, this last year I’ve been in a church with a mixed tradition- some weeks we have a choir and organ and I don’t know half the hymns, then other weeks our singing is led by a group of musicians- at times it includes most of the young people from the church and at other times they even ask me to play (yes, thats desparate!)… in some regards its been difficult. However, I’ve found things to praise God for and different ways to worship…partly because I’ve had to. But one thing it has done is make me appreciate that its God I’m worshipping (and yes, in line with the title, of course that includes Jesus).

So whats the sun worshipping link? Simply this- that when we go to church we manage to just about summon enough energy to consciously worship God for maybe 20 minutes in the 1hr+ that we’re there… and yet almost every day at the moment we’re putting on sun cream and sun hats, we’re sitting outside whenever we get the chance, we’re soaking up the presence of the UV rays (I’m not dissing this or claiming to be innocent- I had a great time at church today and was there for about 4hrs in total, but I still managed to spend almost twice that length of time enjoying the sun…and this time it was in the garden, not the beach)

So how do we worship God with the same measure of constancy and awareness that we direct towards good weather? How do we worship the Son as much as we worship the sun?


2 thoughts on “Illegal post 4… sun worshipping & Son worshipping

  1. I have an aunt and a cousin who are dedicated green thumbs. They probably place almost as much time out there with the flowers and the weeds as I do indoors earning an income. I know nothing of flowers but I love to let them take me on a tour of their horticultural masterpieces. All through their discussion of what goes with what and why they moved this to there to offset that, they will pepper in statements like, “God sent just enough rain the other day for the azaleas to bloom right on time” or, “Look at the color veins on these lilacs. isn’t God so creative.” They’re not trying to sound religious. It just comes out quite natural.
    If I were to go out and pull weeds in a garden it would be work. It would be a testing of my faith that develops perseverance. For them, it is worship. I love to bike. Get me pushing hard to get up that hill, the thrill of coming down the other side, a song, a dialog begins between me and my creator. For you biking might be exercise, for me it is worship.
    Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits… One of those benefits is this beautiful, lazy Sunday afternoon I am enjoying from the porch as I write this. A neighbor has his lawnmower running, birds are chirping, there’s a basketball bouncing a block away at the park, I see a squirrel skittering its way up a tree, and I see a creative God who loves to spoil His children. Why not bask in it?

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