Day 26- Signs and wonders

In the Gospels, Mark, Luke & Matthew write about mircacles and wondrous things, while John refers to the same events as ‘signs’… the implication being that when God does something amazing/out of the ordinary or just plain impossible, we should try to understand what its point to as well as what it is…

In Isaiah, which i’m reading this week, there’re plenty of signs and warnings and Isaiah chapter 7 is one of them: God seems to be saying ‘trust me- stand firm in your faith, ask me for a sign and I’ll give you one’.  The problem is that King Ahaz decides not to ask for a sign- ouch. Surely thats a bad idea. God’s response is the promise of Immanuel- God with us. To the original readers/hearers that might have meant that when God acted to save his people, parents would name their children in honour of that event- so the result would be children born who’s names are Immanuel, but alongside that it also signposted towards the birth of a child to a young mother who would be ‘God with us’ in a completely different way… 

But the thing that really struck me as i read this passage was a verse partway through: ‘if you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all’. If we falter or hesitate, if we’re half-believers, we’re in schtum, but the flip is also true: if you stand firm in your faith, you will  remain standing- all we have to do is stand.


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