Day 27- somebody switch the light on…

I was reading Isaiah chapter 9 this morning (- the first 7 verses), which is another of those ‘Christmas is coming’ type readings because of the associations we have with it.  The verse that stuck out for me today was this: ‘the people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned’; and it sparked a couple of thoughts-

firstly, when its getting darker in the evening, it often does so gradually (at least in this area, I know nearer the equator its a big more sudden…), and you can find yourself unaware that its got dark until you really can’t read or see properly. Your eyes have adapted, but you just can’t see that well… and you aren’t aware of the situation until someone points it out to you.

secondly- in a dark place, it doesn’t take much light to make a difference, in fact its often better to introduce light gently (as with the rising sun) rather than suddenly blinding folks…

thirdly- the land of the shadow of death- it crops up in Psalm 23 (the Lord is my shepherd etc) and is a powerful image for those who are in mourning. In the New testament Paul wrote about how death has been defeated and has lost its power- yet it is still near to us (suddenly getting Lord of the Rings imagery in my head- the shadow of Mordor etc, and also remembering the idea that even after the war had been won there were still battles to be fought, places where the shadow lay deep)…

That all feels quite random, but in my head it makes sense… I needed someone to switch the light on in my life, because i wasn’t aware of the darkness i was living in. Because God loves us and understand us so well, the light came gently into my life in ways that didn’t terrify me. And now, even though i don’t live in fear of death, i still live in its presence- but I live, rather than simply survive.


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