Day 31- a young girl with a lot of faith

So there’s this kid, Mary. She lives in town, she’s really devout and faithful- not in a pious way, but in a serious way. And thats not ‘serious’ in a dull way but in a prioritising way… She’s nobody special, but she’s pretty special.  At least, according to God. She gets a call from an angel- Gabriel, who is one of the few angels to get their own name in the Bible and one of the major angels in the Qu’ran if I remember rightly. She gets this call, and despite knocking knees and serious fear she says ‘I’m God’s servant, he’s the boss’…even when its something as life changing as becoming a mother. Now, she’s devout as I said, so she might be thinking of other women who’d had this kind of conversation- Sarai might pop into her mind (the mother of Isaac- go look in Genesis 18)…ok, she was older than your average mother, but she at least, well, she was married to a guy, and that simplifies the whole motherhood thing…Mary, she’s engaged, but no more. 

I’ll post more about the whole virgin birth thing tomorrow, but today I want to focus on trust. Because thats what Mary had in spades- she didn’t know how it would all work out, but she trusted God, and then she says this

‘may it be to me as you have said’

(Luke’s Gospel, chapter 1 v38 in case you’re wondering where all this is coming from). And once she’d put her trust in God, she praised him for what he was about to do- not just what he’d done in the past, but for the future… And her cousin notices this- I loved reading this verse earlier:

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!’

It sounds a bit clunky, but once we’ve unpicked it we get a sense that Mary is completely at ease with something crazy that hasn’t even happened yet. Most of us deal with crazy things, many of us have survived crazy things, but I’m not sure how easily we’d be able to cope with the future being definitely crazy- would I be able to say ‘sure, may it be to me as you have said’?


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