Day 34- Living the dream…

When we hear people talk of ‘living the dream’ it usually implies happiness, material success, fulfilment, and also sometimes a sense of disconnection from reality- it can only be temporary or else it is a wilful sense of heightened optimism.

In the passage from Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 2 (vs1-23) that I’m reading today, there’re several incidents of people ‘living the dream’- The magi avoiding Herod on their return home, Joseph and Mary hightailing it out of Bethlehem, and then their return after several years… but none of these sound particularly upbeat. Rather they are about God communicating things to people that they really needed to hear, in ways that they could understand. Living the dream didn’t bring them any of the trappings of worldly success, but did keep them alive.

Maybe when someone asks why they should consider becoming a Christian, we ought not to always emphasise how great it is to be a child of God, or to be following Jesus, or be filled with the Spirit. Rather, there may be occasions when its right simply to say that by following Christ, we have life- thats enough.


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