Day 35- ‘Mum, why are you looking so stressed?’

Jesus the teenager: goes on a road trip with his family to Jerusalem, when they leave town to head home he ‘gets lost in the crowd’. He’s old enough that they don’t worry while everyone is journeying home, but then at the end of the day ‘anyone seen my boy?’ is their cry… not since we left the city… Every parents nightmare.

So they rush back to Jerusalem, and they look everywhere, and he’s in the last place they’d think to look (yes, I know, why don’t we look in the last place first, we’d all save so much time). They finally find him, and in keeping with every other parent in history ‘how could you do this to us?’ is their cry, and Jesus reply is the standard teenagers response ‘I’m fine, i don’t know what you’re stressing about, wasn’t it obvious I’d come here?’

And Jesus gets grounded for 18years- thats why his ministry didn’t start until he was 30. ‘Mum, some of the guys are having a picnic, can I go? I said i’d bring the food?’

Ok, so this isn’t exactly reverent, but today’s reading (Luke’s Gospel, chapter 2 vs 41 to end) got me thinking about the relationships between Jesus and his family. The final verse says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men, and the thought in my head is that if something grows, it can’t be fully formed already- which boils down to this: did Jesus wind up his parents, or was it always their misunderstanding of things he said or did?


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