Days 38 & 39- in which men make plans, and life gets in the way…

So a great plan yesterday, where I sat and read the Bible after breakfast (Luke 4, verses 14-30, one of my absolute stand out favourite passages of Scripture), intending to reflect on it and post later in the day, was slightly snagged by my younger daughter deciding to part company with the contents of her stomach on 2 occasions… which meant a fair amount of showering, washing, cleaning the wall (yes), finding a new mattress etc… and I didn’t post a blog.

In short: Jesus stands up and says to folks ‘God’s got plans to bless, redeem and heal the mess that the world is in, and it starts here with me, who’s up for it?’ and the folk listening say ‘isn’t he the carpenter? He sure speaks quite well for a chippy, but what’s he going to do?’… As I read that passage I want to just stick my hand up in the air and wave ‘me, me, pick me!!’ Maybe I’m naively optimistic, maybe I’m just dumb, but if someone says that they want to start fixing the world by feeding the hungry and healing the lame, releasing the oppressed and sharing the love of God, I’m interested. So when life gets in the way (which it does), maybe my plans need to slow down or step around things, maybe I need to reassess how things are happening and whats not working, maybe I just need to comfort my daughter rather than fix everyone else’s problems… but I don’t want to let life make me give up.

This morning I was looking at a passage later in the same chapter- verses 31-44, in which there are healings, driving out demons, travel, and mothers-in-law… and the same thought struck me… the ordinary and the extraordinary are mixed together side by side. There’s no distinction between where Jesus travels, where he stays, and the stuff that he does. I read this morning a suggestion that our faith has diminished to the extent where what is normal within the Bible has become abnormal within the churches… and thats not because God has decided to stop showing up.  So I want to live my ordinary life of leading a church, being a dad and husband, playing badminton at a mediocre level, with an ordinary expectation that God will heal those I pray for, that spiritual evil will be confounded when I confront it in God’s name and that when I get lost I’ll find myself on the way to somewhere new.


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