Illegal Posting 8- just a quick note

Time is an interesting thing… you never have enough of it, and yet it stretches to, well, eternity.

Its also the case that we can usually find time to do the things we really want to prioritise, and yet when we look back few of us are happy how we’ve used our time.

Does that mean we’re stuffed? or that we’re slaves to a system of timekeeping?

Usually when we talk about time, we’re meaning the kind of time that tick-tocks forward with clockwork regularity… the kind that we have to be on time for… the kind that you can lose your job over…

But alongside that there’s another kind… the one that you make for people, the one that you need to give to your children, the one that you cherish. The one thats more than just the time of day.

Maybe the challenge is to change the way we view time, to stop counting the seconds and to start counting the moments.


(BTW, the greeks had cool words for this, Chronos and Kairos, but you knew that I’m sure…and anyway, its not ¬†actually always that helpful just to quote some greek at people)


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