Day 42- trying not to worry about worrying about worrying

So, today I was reading chapter 6 of Matthew’s Gospel, which starts with some ideas about holiness, and concludes with a passage about why worrying can be a major problem. At its heart its because when we worry about things we’re not trusting in God… we’re trying to resolve them ourselves, or just plain thinking that there can be no resolution of them… 

So today I’m trying not to worry about other people, about how they are doing, how they are getting on, how they are growing in faith or working through their questions. I worry about those things because I have a responsibility to care, and because my psychological make-up is such that by caring I feel I have to provide the solution for every problem… which I know is ridiculous but doesn’t stop it happening.

I can trust God in many ways, but somehow I struggle to trust God to help other people… 

So, I’m not going to worry about people for the next few days. I’m not going to touch a computer, log into Facebook or post a blog. Instead I’ll be spending time praying, and trusting God for the rest of it. I’ll be doing stuff that’ll stop me from worrying about the world and how it’ll keep spinning without me paying attention. I’ll be trusting people to be people and God to be God.

I will still be keeping up with my reading, and I’ll probably write my thoughts down in the old fashioned way, next week I may even post them as retrospective blogs… but in the meantime I’m just going to encourage the people around me to seek to be in God’s presence and to follow Him in their daily life, and let them figure it out all by themselves.

Have fun. 

Back next week


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