Day 47- the root of the problem is the root…

So Jesus is teaching, and some guy interrupts him to whinge about money ‘my brother won’t share with me…tell him off’ We’d never allow thoughts or comments about money and things that other people have to intrude in our teaching or worship or distract us from the important things in life, would we?

would we?

Oh. Its so easy to point the finger, to judge another while justifying ourselves. The passage I’m referring to is in Luke’s Gospel- chapter 12, verses 13-21… and Jesus responds to the complaint by teaching about money and greed, using guess what? a parable. This way, without pointing the finger at anyone, he can make a point that everyone needs to hear.

We all find ourselves wanting things that other people have- its a simple progression from friendly curiosity and interest- ‘hey, your food looks good, is it tasty?’ and soon we’re in that place of ‘wish i’d ordered that’…

Telling someone you like their car/surfboard/bike/hair without wanting to have it yourself is pretty hard… and the flipside is the same- showing someone stuff that you think is super cool without being even a teensy bit smug is even harder.

The problem comes when we try to own stuff- its mine and not yours, or its yours and i want it. If we can begin, even just mentally at first, to loosen our hold on things we have, and to relax about the things we don’t have, then maybe we’ll be better able to realise how much more rewarding it is to share than to acquire.

I don’t know… I’m just going to give it a try, but before I do I’m off to hide all the chocolate.


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