Day 48- get off the fence

William Holman Hunt: The Light of the World
William Holman Hunt: The Light of the World (Photo credit: deflam)

I’ve been busy today decorating and gardening and spending time with my family (day off- woo hoo!), so while I read the passage for today- it was Luke’s Gospel, chapter 14 verses 1-24; I’ve not had a chance to put my thoughts down.

The passage is where Jesus is at a party, and then tells the folk about how in the kingdom of heaven, there will be room for all kinds of people- not just the rich and the holy, and yet if people who God has invited decide they don’t want to come, they’re welcome to turn the invite down.

The point I took away from it was that God really does want all of us to know him, to enter the kingdom of heaven, to understand ourselves as loved, to follow his Son… the ways of describing it go on…

But if we’re not interested God does have other things to be getting on with- like inviting the rest of the world to know him- he’ll be waiting for us for our whole lives, but we’re the ones who are missing out. The image of God standing at the door to our hearts (its somewhere in Revelation and is a really famous painting too) is great, but does give the impression of a slightly lonely God who’s just waiting for our call…

So don’t sit on the fence forever, but don’t invite God in because you feel sorry for Him…


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