Day 51- Parables for 3yr olds, and the rest of us.

This week in the Essential Jesus  challenge I’m looking at some more of the parables- today’s reading from Matthew 13 is chock full of them. As I attempted to paraphrase some of them this morning for my 3yr old daughter, I realised that most of the parables themselves barely need any reframing for her, its the stuff around it. In other words- a 3yr old child can understand the idea of someone who wants something so much that they’ll sell everything else they have to buy it, she just doesn’t understand what the word ‘merchant’ means. The short parables like the mustard seed that grows from something tiny into something big that gives shelter is really easy: the kingdom of God grows and provides shelter. You don’t need to wrestle too hard, in fact, simple is often better.

The last few weeks I’ve been challenged by that truth- simple is good. On a number of occasions in the last 7days I’ve been involved in some things that could have been quite stressful. At one of them I heard two comments- ‘this must be quite high pressure for you’, followed by ‘you seem so calm’. Thats my job- to be calm when its stressful… nothing more complicated. And in that specific situation the thing i did was simply to find a chair for an elderly lady on a hot day… which really isn’t that clever or require any great intuition. Sometimes, in fact quite often, if we do things simply and do the basic stuff, its amazing what we can achieveImage

This picture was taking by a friend- it was the outcome of a really simple reflection, and it looked so good we kept it for 3 weeks instead of dismantling it immediately…


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