Day 55- give it away, because you can always get more

(Apologies if you get this twice- this is a test to see whether Facebook is being silly).

Ok, so the title of this post has two meanings for me… on the simple level, I’ve just handed over the last copy of the Essential Jesus guide that I’ve been using, so I guess I’ll have to buy another bunch for people… which is really great because thats about 40 copies that I’ve bought and given/sold on in the last couple of months, and hopefully those people will be enjoying reading them as much as I have.

On a more significant level (you knew this was coming), it rams home the whole point of what I’m doing, both with this blog and with my life- the point of my faith is to give it away. The call that I’ve responded to is to give my faith away by sharing time, thoughts, energy etc with other people and by giving all that I am away. The reason that doesn’t worry me, is that I know I’m constantly receiving as much as I give away (if not more).

Brief example: I met a guy who was going through the wringer at work, and we hung out a bit, had coffee a few times, went climbing, played badminton, socialised a bit… I was basically really enjoying spending time with him, but as well as that I was also helping him, and supporting him. I didn’t do it accidentally- I set out to support him, but neither am i daft enough to miss out the reality that I really benefited too.

Its the same in so many situations. In fact, its the same in so many situations that I wonder whether there’s some groovy God-related mechanism (or possibly an evolutionary link between contentment and compassion for others of my species- I’m not exclusive about these things, I just think its cool).

Anyway, this all links back to the passage I read this morning from John 15 (verses 1-17) where Jesus describes himself as a vine (you know, green and covered in grapes, haven’t you seen the pictures?), and his followers as the fruit- if we are connected to him we can grow and flourish, but if we’re separated we can’t bear fruit.

And the point of fruit? Its not just for looking good, is it?


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