Day 56- starting afresh

With apologies (though I’m not sure why I’m the one apologizing) to those who’ve missed posts over the last week or so, it appears that WordPress, Facebook and I had a minor ‘fracas’ which resulted in none of my blog posts making their way over to Facebook… I guess maybe Facebook didn’t like the natty theme i was using with a great Calvin and Hobbes picture in the background… oh well, back to simplicity…

Anyway, starting afresh is also to do with the passage I read this morning, from the beginning of John’s Gospel. Its chapter 2, verses 1-11 and recounts Jesus’ visit to a wedding party- he doesn’t just bring a bottle, he replenishes the entire wine stock when they run out, and with a top notch vintage. Some may use this passage to preach on the importance of long parties and how poor quality wine is an offence before God, while others use it to indicate the validity of listening to your mother even when you’re a grown-up (see, even the son of God does what his Mum says!)… actually I’ve never heard a sermon or read a commentary that makes any of those conclusions, so lets just move along.

The idea that touched me was that of how good the new wine was- better than expected, and that its timing was surprising (normally at this stage, people bring out the cheap plonk).  When we return to something that we’ve put down, or start something as our own decision, often we bring a deeper level of commitment to it, and we find it much more rewarding than the first time around…

That applies to racket sports, Bible reading, worshipping God, raising children, relationships with friends… when we ‘get’ why we’re doing something and we’re interested in what we’re doing, we’re so much more likely to enjoy it, to find it fulfilling and to keep on doing it.

So- don’t read your Bible because some vicar tells you to, or go to church because you ought to, or take up sport because your doctor told you to… instead do these things so that you’ll be better able to know how to live, to hear from God, to respond to who God is, to enjoy yourself, to form good friendships and live a happier and longer life.

Or not. Its always your decision, and its your decision every day.


One thought on “Day 56- starting afresh

  1. Hey! I love this post and I love how you share your thoughts on this blog. They are helpful and full of grace filled truth. Thanks for this post on responding to God and being yourself instead of doing stuff out of obligation. I also wanted to thank you for the follow! I’m happy to follow you back and look forward to your future posts!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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