Open-Mic Church

Reblogging this post about another very embryonic church vision that a friend of mine is involved with- Kevin, hopefully you’ll see the post by Rob that I’ve also reblogged and it might help you… for anyone else out there- these two posts represent two important points on the continuum of church development and its really interesting how these things emerge. As for my own stuff- we’re at both and neither of these points… thats part of the challenge of leading a more established form of church where some folks are completely new to the whole idea of God and others have been in the same space for longer than i’ve been alive.

The Number Kevin

I’ve had a vision to start a church for a little while, a vision which I share with my Brother-in-Law. As of right now, we call it Open-Mic Church.

The format is simple:

Meetings revolve around a timed, open-mic sharing time (think TED talk), loosely facilitated by dedicated Elders. No paid staff and no owned building… no emo worship band.

A weekly topic will be given in advance for the Body to meditate, pray, and live over. Sign-ups will then be first-come, first-serve with a two-week-in-a-row speaking limit (to encourage different voices). Members can fill their time with teaching, singing, Q & A, performance, liturgy, whatever.

To encourage commitment and community, only members can participate, though participation isn’t required and anyone can come.

Open-Mic Church—not a replacement of the current system, but an alternative, a bridge—will be a place for change; a place for people to learn…

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