Days 61 & 62- miracles, miracles and more miracles

John 9- Blind guy gets his sight back… shazaam

Luke 5- Paralytic gets to walk without even a hangover… zap (sorry about that one- I could blame someone else, but I chose to write it here)

Newport- a 91yr old lady with a broken hip walks around her house… cha-ching!

Hang on, that isn’t one of the Bible readings… the gospel of Newport? the epistle to the Newportians? Nope. Thats my friend. She’s cool. She broke her hip at the start of the month, spent a fortnight in hospital and came home last week. Yesterday I went round and she stood up to give me a hug. She’s 91yrs old and doing amazingly well.

I am in awe of the miracle that is the human body. It baffles me that it can work so well, and yet somehow still be so fragile, and in the midst of the fragility recover.

I don’t know whether my friend is healing fast because a bunch of us have been praying for her, or if its because she’s strong and fit, or if its because of the great care she received at the hospital (I love the National Health Service- any readers in countries without free healthcare for all, it truly is one of the greatest signs of a compassionate society and is something to work for; any healthcare workers reading this- you seriously rock.)

Also in Newport, a little human gradually grows inside of another human, and while they’re growing they kick and prod and listen to the outside world. Nope, not in the Gospels either, but in my own home. Such a cool thing, such a miracle.

Just a few weeks ago a friends’ baby with Encephalitis was really ill, convulsions etc, was in a coma, then kept sedated for a week, and gradually recovered sight, hearing, movement, swallowing… He’s such a hero… he’s a miracle.

The human body is amazing. Healthcare workers are amazing. Prayer is amazing.

We often say that we live in an age where miracles are in the past. Well, maybe I’m living in the past, but it seems pretty good to me.

Oh, and if you’ve read this far, just in case you don’t know- I’ve spent more years studying science than faith, I’m more qualified in biology than theology and I know more scientific Latin than Biblical Greek. New atheists such as Richard Dawkins use the term ‘magical’ to describe their feelings about the natural world because they recognise there is something amazing, but avoid words like ‘miraculous’ because they let God into the picture.

For the rest of today I’m going to see how many magical, miraculous things I can find, and I’ll be saying thanks to God for all of them.


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