Illegal Posting 9- marching through treacle

I love clutter
I love clutter (Photo credit: sindesign)

Sometimes, when you’re trying to do something really important, like bringing up kids, or being a husband, or being a Christian, or leading a church, or succeeding in your job, or keeping your room tidy… or whatever it is… sometimes, it feels like you’re trying to march through treacle.

Every step forward takes so much effort, and you want to just give up.

You can’t see there’s any chance of ‘getting there’.

But, and this is something that I forget as often as I remember it, the most important thing is the next step. Is it in the right direction? If so, then thats what I need to focus on doing.

Figure out the overall direction I’m hoping to go in, and then move one step at a time towards it.

When its my overall working habits, I know that I want to be more effective and that organisation can help creativity flow, so I know that when I’m attempting to impose some pattern into my paperwork, its for that reason. Its not because I love paperwork, or tidiness.

When its my family, I know that I want to build strong loving relationships, and I know that requires time and consistency and a whole lot more.

The hoped for outcome helps me to concentrate on the next step.

And the inverse is true- its really easy to slide through s**t, but understanding the eventual outcome of that kind of behaviour helps me to pull out of the nosedive (apologies for the unpleasant mental picture that may create).

So how does my faith fit with this? Well, the Bible provides me with my compass- to help me understand what direction to head in.

Not only that, Jesus gives me an example, an inspirational leader to follow, in this regard.

Finally, the Holy Spirit helps empower me when I feel too weak, augments my conscience when I’m uncertain what to do, and gifts me with wisdom and discernment beyond my own (which is a good job too).

So, today… I’m hoping that by the end of the day I’ll have moved an inch or two in the right direction, in whatever I’m doing. I’ll call that a successful day.


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