Sitting and watching the world spin slowly

No, I’ve not had a few too many shandies, or been at the communion wine. I’m just sitting relaxing while it slowly turns from evening into night, at the end of a really good day.

Why so good? early start, lots of prayer, got to baptise a friend’s son and preach the gospel to a churchfull, hung out with lovely folk, played with my daughters in the garden and now relaxing. Nothing ‘amazing’ but lots of good stuff.

And that’ll do for me- sometimes I find that I attempt to spin the world too fast- to rush things and reach the ‘big stuff’, but the truth is that when I remember to let the world spin at its own pace, not only do I appreciate things more, but it seems that people appreciate me more.

The Gospel of Christ isn’t a Gospel of rush or speed, but a Gospel of life, trust and relationship, all of which takes time…not rushing.

Hopefully I may remember that in the morning…


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