Day 100+ The ending of the beginning…

The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead (Photo credit: mkrigsman)

So, its been a while since my last post- 10 readings missed out, and a few more days for good measure… but while I haven’t been posting, I have been reading through the passages in the Essential Jesus book, and I have been busy thinking ‘significant thoughts’, and even, on occasion, being involved in significant moments.

People have got married, people have been baptised, people have struggled with their faith, struggled with their life, people around me are going through tough times, people around me are living in joyous times, and people are simply ‘doing ok’, all around me.

Us? Well, we’re getting closer to due date for number 3- less than 5wks to go, and as a result i’ve been doing a lot of forward planning- I now have my diary booked up for events around Christmas and into January. The kids are enjoying a new term and generally causing the usual mayhem, and Mrs D is slowly growing, doing too much and generally being amazing. Of course the house, garden, bedrooms and most things could be better, but they are what they are.

From today I’m going to be rethinking how I use this blog- I won’t be trying to post everyday, as I’ll only fail… I hope I’ll be able to blog consistently each week rather than sporadically, but that may have to wait until things settle down in a couple of months…

But that’s not what I want to post about. Today is the last posting in the 100 readings, and its from Matthew’s Gospel- chapter 16, verses 13-20. Jesus is talking with his friends and asks them the question ‘who do people say I am?’… great question, to which they give a good range of answers.

Well done, top marks everyone.

And then there’s the follow up… ‘who do you say I am?’

Its the question that we all need to think on, and we all need to know our own answer. To paraphrase a scene from the Matrix, ‘its the question that haunts our days’.  We need to have an answer, and it needs to be our best answer. If we shuffle our feet and say ‘not sure’, thats just not good enough. We each owe it to ourselves to figure out what we believe, who we think Jesus is.

In one sense it matter more that we have an answer, than what the answer is. If you’ve researched things, read stuff, talked it over, thought it through, and are sure that Jesus was a fruit loop ex carpenter who went a bit soft in the head, then that is your answer. I might disagree with you, but you’ve thought it through. I might try to persuade you otherwise, but you’ve thought it through.

My hope is that by reading some of my posts, and by picking up on the bits of the Bible that I refer to, you might be encouraged to think about your own answer, or lack of one, to the question that Jesus asked his disciples, and still asks everyone today…

‘but what about you? Who do you say I am?’


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