today i’ll be mostly sharing

This evening I’m giving a talk asking the question ‘how can we have faith?’. It’ll be mostly derived from the work of a British writer and minister names Nicky Gumbel and it forms part of the Alpha Course. The Alpha Course has been used worldwide to help people discuss that kind of question, and the idea is that when a local church uses the course, the talks remain largely the same. I sometimes find it hard to just use another person’s words and ideas, but they’re good ones, so i can cope…

I’ve also just come across, thanks to a good friend who pays attention to these things, a great video that the Archbishop of Canterbury has just posted on youtube (yup, thats just how he rolls, and if you want to follow him on Twitter, he’s there too…). The video is about baptism and the beginnings of faith, and is really worth watching. You can find it here.

That’ll do for today… maybe tomorrow my significant thought will be my own. Or maybe I’ll be sharing again..


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