Strange Christmas gifts for the ‘religious’

please don’t buy me any of these things!

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks


LOOKING for that “something different” gift for the spiritually inclined? Look no further than the Net this year.

How about a voucher for a night in a monastery? Or a Christmas pudding made by Trappist monks?

What about Nativity rubber ducks (pictured above), or a Nativity kitchen timer? Or a musical weeping Santa, a Jesus tree topper or “happy holidays” Barbie?

You can also buy “Here I Stand” Socks (Martin Luther, pressured to recant his writings, famously refused, saying: “Here I stand. I can do no other.”).

And lightweight wood earrings say “God” in Arabic. And a life-sized cut-out of Pope Francis to hang around the house. Or plush cuddly Buddahs for the kids.

There are also the Seven Deadly Sins Shot Glasses. Each glass features a cartoon version of the sin as drawn by New Yorker artist Mort Gerberg.

And Mosque Building Blocks including arches, minarets, domes and staircases.

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