My dream holiday destination

Ever since I was a child, i’ve dreamed of being underwater. I’m not sure, but that probably says something deep and meaningful about me… I had a book with pictures of an underwater city and i used to imagine that i lived and worked there. When I go snorkelling or swimming, I find it a really peaceful experience. And then today I saw this:

An underwater hotel!!


I have no deeply significant thoughts for today. I could make all sorts of links to an appreciation of the wonders of creation, or of the mentions in the book of Psalms about the mysteries of the deep, and the great poetry of Job that speak of the Leviathan, or maybe make the connection between my love of the environment and my love of the one who created the environment, between my appreciation of the created and my relationship with the creator… and I could even mention that I’m hoping to start writing some of that stuff down on this blog in the next while…

So what’s your dream destination?


5 thoughts on “My dream holiday destination

  1. Mine would probably be a castle in Ireland. Since I believe you reside on that side of the pond I wonder if you would be kind enough to look into that for me? 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment- those 2 places are both on my wish list still. Though if you have a sensitive nose there’s a lot of Iceland that stinks of volcano mud…

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