What is an ‘appropriate’ celebration?

what’s an appropriate level of celebration? or rather, what’s an inappropriate level?

or to put it more specifically, what’s an appropriate level of Christmas decor for a church? I was struck by this as I discussed with some folk about decorating our church for a school Christmas play… ok, so Blackpool illuminations might be taking it too far, but surely we of all people are allowed to get a little bit giddy at the thought of celebrating Christmas. Irrespective of your take on the whole ‘Christians just nicked the date from the local pagans 2000yrs ago’ idea,  The name does kind of suggest a link between Christmas and Christianity, and so we really ought to be as upbeat about the season as anyone else.

Of course, someone will tell me that we’re not in the season of Christmas, we’re in Advent which is a season of preparation that requires deep reflection and absolutely no sign of joy at all. Bah humbug!  Be all reflective and contemplative if you like, but if a bunch of people want to get excited about something at this time of year, I’m going to do my best to make sure that their celebration includes the birth of the Son of God.

Jesus came to bring peace on earth. I think most of us could do with a bit of that, and I think most of us would celebrate a bit more peace at this or any time of year.

but that is just my thought, and my position… what about you?



2 thoughts on “What is an ‘appropriate’ celebration?

  1. I agree with you: Christians should lead the pack! We don’t have to be hyper-commercial like non-Christians, but our celebration can be festive and joyful to the max. And when someone asks about it, we can honestly say that it stems from a true worship of Christ.

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