some borrowed thoughts on prayer

came across a really good post here on prayer, and thought I’d share it. We’re preparing for a prayer morning in a few weeks time at our church- its something we did last year at the start of the year, and we’ve some building work about to start soon and this seems like an appropriate way of preparing for the work. Also, i want to encourage folks to be more open and engage in prayer more fully, and this seems to be one possible way of doing that. Last year a few folk came along, this year, we’ll see what happens.

Regarding other posts of my own, I’ve several bits of writing on the go today which might get shared next week, though the tribute I’m writing for a funeral probably won’t be put here.

The long awaited (well, awaited by me) notes on environmental stuff and Christian theology are still on a small piece of paper, but need to start taking shape soon… watch this space, but not too intently.

In the meantime, live well, live at peace with others, change the world a bit at a time, and remember you are loved.



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