Being a big kid- Another thought on the prologue to John’s Gospel


To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

Not just believers, worshippers, followers or even friends… children. We have been given the right to call ourselves children of God, simply by believing in the promises of Jesus. And children of the Father who invented love.  That’s what it means to call yourself a Christian- its saying I am a child of God who loves me to bits. I receive his love, even though I have done nothing to deserve it, and all that I will do to say thank you will never come close to paying it back, but I will say thank you out of gratitude and to show that I love God in return. People show love in different ways- some of us are natural huggers, others use words, others give gifts, some of us spend time with those we love while others show love by serving- none are better, all are good. God showed his love through actions, through giving, through physically being present, through coming to live in our world- being limited by time and spending time with people. Its an amazing verse, and may be one of the most important verses for us each to have in our hearts. If someone asks what it means to be a Christian, or to be part of this church- here’s an answer… we’re learning how to be children of God… John 1, v12…

And thats something without an ending- just as even the oldest of us are and always will be children of our parents, so we will always be children of God- never ‘grown ups’, or worse still ‘the finished article’.  This isn’t about remaining childish or immature, but recognising that we can all continue to grow whilst remaining children of our Father.


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