mutterings of a one armed typist…

ok, so slightly off-piste from what I’ve normally been writing, but there you go. also, written with no disrespect to people who mutter, are typists or only have the use of one arm.

i’m writing with one arm and minimal attention as i’m also cradling a 2 month old boy. Samuel has  decided that today he wants to hang out with daddy, and i’m trying to juggle looking after him with at least some productivity.

my conclusion? its not easy. phonecalls? interrupted. trains of thought? derailed. typing? slow and painful. prayer? distracted at best.

So? I take my hat off, salute and generally give a (one handed) round of applause to all who manage to get through not just a few hours but the years of care that raising one child entails. Its a miracle that houses don’t fall apart, that food gets bought, prepared and eaten and it completely reminds me of the utter amazingness of women. To all who question whether women have a place in leadership, i would reply with the question whether men are capable of coping with the tasks almost every mother manages.

And to prove the truth of all this, I just had to walk away from the computer for 20minutes while Samuel tried to decide whether he wanted a sleep or preferred to headbutt my shoulder continually… so much for that detailed and beautiful reflection on the beginning part of Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth (often referred to as 1 Corinthians), all about the wisdom of God and the folly of human intelligence. Ah well, go read it for yourself here and let me know what you think of chapters 1 and 2.


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