The view from here- reflections on a week

Apparently this week has been ‘back to normal week’ for many folk, and started off with what some people call ‘Blue Monday’. Well, I hate to disagree, but its not been normal and Monday was weirdly good.

Weirdly good, because I was taking the funeral of someone I knew, who’s wife had also died just over a year ago, which should all be fairly sad, but in fact it was ok. And more than ok- we remembered him, we said goodbye to him, tears were shed, we celebrated his life, and people came together to talk and share and live. It felt like an afternoon where people were more alive than normal, maybe because we’d been more conscious of death than we so often are.

Then several other appointments and meetings that were meant to happen later in the week just didn’t- they were cancelled, one just didn’t turn up or they became unnecessary. Again, this could have been really frustrating- certainly it meant that some of the effort I’d put into preparing was wasted, but I also had the gift of that time, an unexpected bonus during my working day.

I’ve had some great conversations with people- where people have opened up about life and God and stuff, and I’ve also got some things on the go which I’m really excited about.

Has anything changed or caused this? Not that I’m conscious of. Maybe I’m at the sweet spot of busyness, sleep deprivation and emotional tiredness that comes when you combine post-Christmas aftermath, a 2 month old baby and the return to work and school. Maybe I’m managing to live in the now rather than in the future or the past (you can call it Zen, or you can call it following Jesus teachings).  I’m aware of the things I’m not doing, and I know that there’s stuff that has an urgency to it, but right now, I’m not worrying about those things, and life is good.

If this is the first ‘normal’ week of the year, long may it continue.

BTW- the picture at the top is an MC Escher print, one of my favourites from my childhood.


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