God in the shower

This post reminded me of an experience just after Emily (our oldest) was born- I’d been so tired that things were operating on a purely functional level- food was fuel, a walk was just to get the baby to sleep etc, and then having a real moment of clarity about how much I loved this baby, and how my love was a microscopic version of God’s love for the world- and where did I have this moment of lucid genius? In the shower, of course.

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

BRITISH writer and former atheist Janet Soskice found God in the shower.

She wrote: “I was in the shower, on an ordinary day, and found myself to be surrounded by a presence of love, a love so real and so personal that I could not doubt it. I had not, as far as I know, been looking for God or thinking of God, or enjoyed a particularly good or an especially bad day.

“I could not doubt the reality of that loving presence, and still cannot. I now know that one-off ‘religious experiences’ of this sort are rather frowned upon by the best theologians as susceptible to mood and delusion, and if I have my life to live over I will try to have
a higher class of conversion experience – but this is what happened to me. I was turned around. Converted.”

She said her new-found faith gave answers…

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