Life in the fasting lane

I mentioned fasting the other day, and was worried that I might be completely barking up the wrong tree… what if no one has a clue what I’m talking about?

And then this morning I came across this article on the BBC website, which reminded me that the whole ‘fasting’ with a couple of days a week of restricted calories is big at the moment, so I needn’t have worried. In fact, there are probably more people outside of the church who are fasting than there are inside. But that comes back to the reasons for doing things- If I fast in order to lose weight or detox from my weekend binge, then that’s a slightly different motivation from fasting in order to bring spiritual clarity or allow me time to focus on prayer.

Later this spring we’re going to be encouraging folks to go on a carbon fast- that isn’t where we stop eating charcoal briquettes (I managed to cut those out a few years ago), but where we try to reduce our carbon footprint as a part of our spiritual practice. Not to reduce energy bills, or to feel smug about our recycling, but as part of being a spiritual human. More on that to come…

In the meantime, have you ever fasted? given up food for a time (and not just the period between leaving the table and reaching the refrigerator), or abstained from using some kind of tech for a period? I’m talking about giving something up, for a while, voluntarily, for a reason… how did you find it?


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