a good way to spend an hour

So often I spend time doing stuff that’s either not important, will just need to be repeated the next day, frustrates me or is just timewasting. However I’ve just spent an hour listening to Archbishop Justin Welby being interviewed and it was genius- made me laugh and inspired me, challenged me and has given me more respect for the man. You might not be particularly into watching youtube videos, or watching bishops- but break your rules for this.

Oh, and today’s sermon?

Based on John’s Gospel, chapter 4- Jesus meets the samaritan woman at the well- go and read the passage here, imagining that for until verse 19 the woman is flirting with Jesus… see how it changes the way you read the whole thing.

And then, realise that this woman goes from being the town floozy to being the first New Testament missionary. That’s what the Gospel does, in a town that Jesus should have avoided, with a woman he never should have spoken to.

That’s who we’re following, that’s what he does today, in our lives if we let him.

(with thanks to John Bell of the Iona community)


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