Are we or aren’t we… and how much does the label matter?

Came across this blog posting by Archbishop Justin Welby, which is well worth a read. It follows on from various comments and articles and letters over the past couple of weeks…

Myself, I’d probably say that we are a Christian country in terms of our roots, but not so much in terms of our current development. Focussing on profit over people, tightening immigration in the face of increased levels of refugees, prioritising individual choice over community responsibility… those aren’t the kind of social and political developments I can see as deriving from our Christian heritage, or from the Bible.

And does it matter? It does in some ways- as it gives a starting point for any moral framework. Of course its true that Christians don’t have a monopoly on kindness, generosity or any other virtue; but its equally true that Christianity does give a framework where those things are foundational- you don’t have to argue that we ‘ought’ to forgive people for example… its a given, which isn’t something you can necessarily say about every worldview or philosophy.

but what’s your thoughts on this?


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