Prayer workshops 2- praying for other people/the world

or, to use a jargon but helpful technical term- intercession…

these notes are less structured than last time- not written on a train journey! Apologies, but here they are. The next session will be on June 10th, if you’re able to come along- 7.30 at Newport Church, Barnstaple in Devon UK.

Introduction to the sessions- why are we here… all we do as Christians stems from and is rooted in prayer- (ref to Scripture?). It is prayer which distinguishes our plans and activities from those of all other agencies and groups. Prayer connects our well-meaning gestures to the will and mission of God.

Review of Intentions- to encourage one another in our prayer life, to share some good practice and help overcome commonly faced challenges. To gain a deeper understanding of prayer and to want to pray. Tonight we’re looking specifically at the area of leading others in prayer and in praying for others- intercession and intercessory prayer.

What does the word intercession mean to me?

What helps me to feel led in prayer?

How do I feel about leading others in prayer or praying for them?

Allow time for reflection, discussion and for feedback…

Overlap/difference between intercessions and intercessory prayer- one is a specific example of the broader group.

Basic reminders, if prayer is a constant way of being…, then prayer its not a show or a performance… ever. Its never about the language or the words we use.

Its always about helping others to pray and guiding them to pray for certain things.


In praying for other people the most important things are context and content

Context- where are we, who are we, what else is going on

Content- what’s being prayed for- what should and shouldn’t be prayed for…

Praying with and praying for other- interceding for someone who doesn’t believe in prayer… when you’re definitely praying for rather than with…

Context guides content (NB- unless the Holy Spirit says otherwise!)

So, how might we lead others in a time of prayer? Bearing in mind all that we’ve said- the structure isn’t the key thing… that being said, structure sometimes helps…

Some possible formats/structures…


Parts of life

Personal interests

Use a resource

What to watch out for… this is why preparation in advance can help!

Actually doing it… writing down some things you’d want to pray for or would like others to pray for… and then transferring those onto a sheet of paper… we’ve all led each other…

Praying all together- everyone prays out loud at the same time, so there’s no feeling of self-consciousness… (Korean style??)


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