belated ascension… or waiting with a purpose

Essential Thinking

So, last weekend i was speaking on a passage from the beginning of Luke’s account of the Acts of the Apostles, one that describes Jesus’ ascension and the promise of the Holy Spirit.  For all sorts of reasons my talk was slightly less structured than sometimes (those reasons would include pox-ridden children, taking some time off and general stuff), but here it is, for those who’d like to have a look:

And they said to him (well, they didn’t, but I would have been tempted to)- we’ve left our homes and families, we’ve followed you, seen all you’ve done and been equipped by you to do the same, we’ve failed you at crucial times, and you’ve come back to us- you’ve done everything you set out to, you’ve brought the kingdom of heaven down into the streets and lifted the beggars and the poor into the presence of God-…

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