E100 day 2 things go wrong

Guest blogger Lois, aged 4 writes…

‘The snake was a trickster’

And she even typed it too.

So, we were reading Genesis Chapter 3 this morning, and there are some parts that the kids knew- the story of everything being fine in the beginning, and the trickster snake and how things went wrong. And then, as we were reading it through, there’re a couple of verses towards the end that ended up being paraphrased… for several reasons

Firstly, my wife wasn’t too sure that the kids (aged 7,4 and 1/2) would understand the whole bit about pain in childbirth and graft in the field… or that if they did understand it we would want to have the discussions that might follow on- after all, this was over breakfast.

Secondly, how often do you quote or refer to bits of the Bible that talk about God’s love, or forgiveness, compared to those that talk about God’s judgement or justice? I know which ones I prefer to focus on… am I just a lame grace loving wishy washy as-close-as-makes-no-difference universalist? We don’t like the bits where God tells folk off… just as in the Gospels we all prefer the parts about Jesus healing or feeding to the ones where he challenges folks to leave their livelihoods and families in order to follow him… We like God to be under our control, to be tame… we don’t like the idea that we’re subject to Him or that He has authority over us- oh, and when I say ‘we’ here, I’m talking about those people who’d call themselves Christians- those of us who wouldn’t self-identify with that term might be quite happy with those passages because they reinforce our belief that God is quite clearly a control freak or a fascist (though of course if God doesn’t exist then the argument is only hypothetical for them).

Anyway, I’ve been challenged today about how we don’t like to acknowledge the things about ourselves that are wrong, that we do wrong or avoid doing… and we really don’t like to talk about them in front of someone else. So what am I going to do about it? Not sure, but I won’t be posting an online confession of all my faults, if that’s what you’re hoping for!


2 thoughts on “E100 day 2 things go wrong

  1. Interesting, I’m a day behind so haven’t read day 2 yet – but I was reading some Old Testament stuff (I’m sure “stuff” is a proper theological term?) earlier in the year, and there’s quite a lot where God tells people to do something, they don’t do it, and he is the vengeful grumpy God which, you’re right, we don’t tend to talk about. Admittedly you’d think his people would learn the lesson and not appear surprised when he punishes them – but
    it’s quite hard to reconcile that God with the loving, forgiving God of the New Testament that I follow?

    1. Thanks for this Martin- your comment made me think about how we bring a perspective to things we read… we already think of God in the Old Testament as being grumpy, so any anger or discipline is ‘grumpy God’, while we might already think of Jesus as subversive, or peaceful or redeeming, and so we read the New Testament through that filter…

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